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Terms & Conduct

Terms & Conditions

General Information and Code of Conduct

General Information and Guidelines

This document was designed to provide you with some useful information and details should you need any help or advice over the up-coming semester. As your landlord, we have the responsibility to provide you with a good standard of accommodation and service. In return, we expect you to respect your accommodation, your fellow students and the local residents living around you.

Please read everything carefully until the end. You will be asked to agree.

Living with flat-mates:

Please remember that you are living with other people, which means that there are certain social obligations involved vis-à-vis other flat-mate members.
•    Be friendly and polite to everybody.
•    Try to adapt as best as possible to new folkways and habits.
•    And please remember: you have not booked a hotel, nor are you a single renter. You are renting a communal space and thus are expected to make a contribution in the household. Offer your help wherever and whenever you can.

Moving in:

As you move into your flat, join your landlord in checking your room, making sure that everything is in proper condition.When you arrive and move in, your room and bed will be ready for sleeping.

Ask questions if you are uncertain about anything. This way you can avoid problems or disagreements regarding anything missing or broken later on.

Once settled in, please try obtaining your flat-mate’s phone numbers; that way if you forget your key or need something, they are there for you to help out. It’s a Buddy System. Maybe start a WhatsApp group with the other flatmates.


All tenants will have their own set of keys and room key. There will be one general key for the mailbox which will be located in a central place.
If you do check the mailbox, and you see a bunch of publicity flyers, please feel free to remove and to dispose of them.

All rooms come with locks. Your rooms are your space. Although the landlord has his own set of extra keys, the landlord will by no means enter your space, unless otherwise pre-arranged with the person; like for a maintenance matter or something along those lines.

Nonetheless, the Landlord reserves the right to show up at the house during Business Hours 9:00-18:00 (Monday-Friday) for matters concerning the property and/or inspections for non-paying guests (see rules for overnight guests below).

It is advisable when leaving the home to lock your room. The landlord is not responsible for missing items.

If you lose or forget the keys, there is a €25 fee to replace the keys. If you wish to make a 2nd copy, you may, but advise the landlord that you intend to do it.

Being Forgetful about Hazards

You're maybe living away from home the first time, and as such, there are hazards which can prove to be dangerous to those around you if you are not careful!

These hazards include:

- Leaving the stove on or other things cooking and forgetting about them. These can cause a fire, damage and injury.
- Leaving the heater on. Yes, as mentioned below, heaters too can catch fire and LEAVING ON UNATTENDED IS A HAZARD.
- Leaving water on in the sink or bathtub unattended.

If you spot that one of your flatmates has the tendency to be oftentimes forgetful, the management asks that you inform us. Actually, we ask that if you spot anything that does not seem right regarding the above and even overnight guests extending their stay, to inform us immediately.


Your internet usage should not be used for commercial purposes or in any way that infringes on state/federal/international laws regarding libel or copyright. The illegal download and storage of music and movies as well as the use of tools to access peer-to-peer networks is not permitted. You carry full legal responsibility with respect to any and all use of the internet via your stay, including use by others who may join you during such use. Your landlord does not assume liability with regard to any damage or loss (e.g. due to a virus) resulting from use of the equipment.


Energy IS considerably more expensive in Portugal than the rest of Europe, so we kindly ask, please be prudent when using it. You are allowed to use the laundry machine on your own but we ask to try conserving energy (and for the environment) by using ECO cycles and Quick Wash.

It is imperative that you turn off heaters when not at home. Failure to do so can be a fire hazard and toxic inhalation to you and your flatmates (we know that mobile phone chargers can catch fire). This hazard can be just cause to terminate your stay at the home.

If there is a huge surge in the electric bill (way above the monthly average) such as leaving heat on endlessly during the winter, you may be asked to pay your share as an extra and the security deposit may be used for such effect.

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Please do not leave the bathroom (bathtub/toilet) in a messy condition. Remove hair from the tubs. Clean up after using it. The same goes for your room. Try to keep it clean and tidy.
Cleaning up after yourself is expected. Share in taking the garbage to the bins, located right out in front. Don’t be lazy or take advantage of the kindness of your flat mate.

Females, please dispose of your hygiene products in the garbage bins and not the toilets as the houses are older and may clog the drains.


Keep the kitchen always tidy so that it is just the way you would like it to be when you use it, so the best is to wash your dishes and mess right after using it.

Always remember to turn off the oven controls to avoid harm and danger to you and your flat-mates.

When using the stovetop, choose the size of the burner according to the size of the pan. Using a big burner for a small fryer is not going heat any faster.


You must look after your items and spillage on your shelf because bad odors can occur and it becomes unpleasant for everyone.

Caring for the Space:

It is expected that you do not damage the home or its items. Somethings may be old and may need repair. It’s normal.  It is your duty to inform the landlord, via SMS (Whatsapp) of any mal functions or breakages as soon as they incur.

Rent Payment:

It is expected that you contact the landlord by the 5th of each month or the beginning of your 30 day cycle to combine the payment of the rent that is due.

Residing in a Double Room

If you are here with your partner or friend and sharing one of the rooms and if by chance one of you has to return home, you will be responsible for the whole payment of the room if you wish to continue alone in the room. If you do not wish to continue paying the room alone, then you will have 30 days to seek out another room in another home. Nonetheless the 30 days includes the full amount for the 2 persons.

Communication regarding your presence and absence:

On a regular basis, when you leave the home for a few days, it is important for the landlord or your colleagues to know when to expect your return. Thus, please notify the landlord or your colleagues if you will be spending at least 2-3 days away. This way we are all aware of your whereabouts.


Living in a communal flat provides an excellent opportunity to apply those language skills learned in the classroom. Simple politeness demands that you quickly learn and use words and phrases such as thank you, please, excuse me, may I etc. Avoid using swear words.

Quiet Time:

Please try not to make much noise after 10pm as most people will be resting or studying, so try refraining from talking loud or disruptively.

If the neighbors complain of noise being loud and rudely from the flat, they may summon the police, whom may pass a citation. The person(s) responsible for the noise, will be responsible for the citation as well and not the landlord.

If you do engage in adult activity with your partner, please respect your flat-mates as well as the neighbors by keeping it private.

Conflicts and differences:

Conflicting interests and various sorts of differences are a part of everyday life and must by no means have just negative consequences. Be ready to deal with potential differences in an open and honest manner from the beginning. Discuss problems with your colleagues first, before giving up.

Beyond our Control Problems:

Every now and then a problem pertaining to things such as water, electricity or maintenance may occur. As the landlord, we will do everything in our power and resources to resolve them diligently and within the quickest time frame.

Time to time when there are big football (soccer) matches on TV, the internet companies will cut the net services for a few moments which is something they do to limit the illegal transmission of the game.

Rules for Overnight Guests:

Overnight guests are allowed for an added fee of 10 euros per night. Please advise the landlord of the visits beforehand. Guests are limited as they can interfere with the comfort of your flatmates which is why overnight guests are kept to a minimum.

Showing room to future tenants:

Just as with you, it may be necessary to show potential, new inbound tenants the room you are dwelling in. Thus, a visit to show the installations may happen every so often. In this case, we will contact you ahead of time to let you know of our visit and to avoid any inconveniences to you.

Passport / ID:

By law, as landlords, we must have information about your identity that comes on your ID card or Passport, which shall be full name, ID number, country, and a contact number in case of emergency. You can offer to send a photo scan of the ID or supply the requested data or wait til you get here.

Upon your leaving the premises, all the provided information will be destroyed.

Leaving Unit:

If for some reason your behavior or way of being does not fit with the unit, your flat-mates or landlord, you may also be asked to leave. We reserve the right as well to terminate before the agreed departure date if deemed necessary.

The following is expressly forbidden:

a) Entry and / or stay of animals on the premises, except for dogs when accompanied by a person with physical or sensory disabilities;

b) Possession of any type of weapons, explosive, toxic or flammable materials hazardous to the health and safety of workers and employees, the tenants and other visitors as well as endangering the accommodation;

c) Starting a fire, including lighting candles (And leaving them unattended), incense or any other related objects;

d) Giving the keys of the accommodation to a third party;

e) Providing accommodation to third parties in any capacity, unless with prior knowledge and written consent by management

f) Any act which constitutes a criminal offense, namely:
- Stealing;
- Possession, consumption, trafficking, encouraging the consumption or circulation of drugs;
- Physically or verbally assaulting any person inside of the accommodations;

g) Consuming too much alcohol;

h) Adopting inappropriate behaviors of community life;

i) Lack of respect and consideration to anyone who lives, works or visits the accommodations;

j) Removing food belonging to a third party from the refrigerator;

k) Throwing parties, organizing meetings or gatherings in the spaces without permission;

l) Throwing any objects out the windows;

Using the Patio

If you smoke or drink, make sure you clean up after your own garbage.

Excess of Luggage or Storage:

If for some reason upon your departure you cannot take everything with you, please arrange beforehand with your landlord or flatmate the storage for them if you need. It will be easier to manage and control if done beforehand and not after in the rush and stress of travel. Check with your airline the weight limits.
If you decide to leave items behind, that's ok, but we'll assume you left them because you no longer want them or no space in suitcases, so we will dispose of them after you leave and if you do not inform us beforehand, we are not responsible for items left behind.


Once you leave, you´ve left. From the date that is agreed and communicated to the landlord, you cannot expect to come back for a few more days once you've left even if you have a few remaining days on the contract.

Liability and Code of Conduct:

You have chosen to live in a home in a foreign culture: that takes some courage and motivation, so we congratulate you! The key concept, as in any society, is consideration of others. One cannot expect others to respect his/her own culture without readiness to make a serious effort to understand the culture of the country which one has chosen to live in. So, with that principle kept in mind, we wish you a wonderful experience!

On a final note, the points laid out in this document are due to situations that have occurred and in order to avoid problems this document was prepared to help streamline your experience so that you can enjoy your time in Porto.

If you would like to discuss any part of this document, please feel free to bring it up.


I hereby declare that I have read and accept the information and conditions set forth in this document.
You will receive an email with this form.