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Welcome to Oporto Rooms

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We Care

We care about our student tenants. We know that most of you will be away for the first time on your own, so we are here to streamline the process. We are professionals in hospitality and it is our goal to offer a good accommodation at a competitive price. Our apartments - rooms are prepared for the Student or Professional, that need the necessary amenities for their stay.

We own and operate our own homes in key ares of Porto.

Diogo Cão Home

Located in Antas Paranhos and near the universities and FC Porto Stadium.

Pires de Lima Home

Located in the Burguese Antas section of town, near the universities and next to the metro.

José Régio Home

Located near NorteShopping, IPAM, ISAG, Parque de Cidade, the airport, the ocean, public transportation.

Jeronimo Home

Located near NorteShopping, IPAM, ISAG and Parque de Cidade, metro station Via Rapida

Contumil Home

Located not far from the university polo, Alameda Shopping, and FC Porto stadium and metro.

Tânger Home

Looked in the heart of Foz, at Boavista, near the ocean and Parque de Cidade and U. Catolica.

We´re Friendly

Although we maintain a professional relationship, we are still here to assist those that need a little more help.

We Get Referrals

Our guests will usually refer us to new incoming students. It's their way of saying thanks 🙂

Easy In, Easy Out

No binding clauses or security deposits. You pay what you stay, with 30 day cycles.

Full Use - Appliances

All our homes have a full range of appliances with full usage and without restrictions.

Fast Internet

Most of our homes have the latest modems with Wi-Fi download speeds up to 500mbps.

Service and Hospitality

We actually care about our student tenants and want you to feel at home sweet home.

Join our Facebook Group

This group is about you, the visitor to Porto whom is lodging in one of the homes.